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Q: How can customers send their raw SNP data?

A: Please email your data as an attachment to

Q: How does admixture analysis differ from total similarity analysis?

A: Your DNA Tribes®SNP report will include both admixture analysis based on the DNA Tribes® proprietary
analysis of world population structure, as well as total similarity analysis that compares your genotype as a whole
to populations in our database. 

Admixture analysis estimates the genetic contributions to your genotype from continents,  regions and populations.
Each DNA Tribes® SNP report includes multiple admixture analyses: first, mixture from eight continental cores;
second, mixture from more geographically detailed 53 regional clusters; and finally, mixture from all populations in our
reference database (currently 400+). Note that the 53 regional clusters were identified using a proprietary multivariate clustering algorithm exclusive to DNA Tribes®.

Total similarity analysis compares your genotype as a whole to each world population in our database. Results reflect the similarity of your genotype to members of that population. For instance, a similarity metric of 0.7003 for France indicates that your SNP genotype matches 70.03% of SNP values across all French samples in our database (on average). If your family origins are from multiple parts of the world, total similarity results can identify one of more places of ancestral origins or in some cases geographically intermediate populations where similar genetic admixture has taken place.

Your DNA Tribes® SNP "deep ancestry" admixture and total similarity results can express not only your recent genealogy, but also more ancient relationships among world populations.

Q: How is DNA Tribes® SNP "deep ancestry" analysis different from genealogical searches to locate family

A: DNA Tribes® SNP analysis emphasizes "deep ancestry," meaning the ancient geographical relationships
among world populations. The analysis includes a broader comparison of your genotype to world genetic structure
that is not limited to a genealogical time frame or to finding individual relatives. For this reason, DNA Tribes® SNP
results are based on fundamental relationships among populations (including ancient relationships beyond
the scope of genealogy), rather than family relationships between individual people.

Q: Does DNA Tribes® SNP analysis include medically related information?

No. DNA Tribes® SNP analysis is a geographical "deep ancestry" analysis that does not include any medically
related information.

Q: How can DNA Tribes® SNP identify evidence of Native American ancestry?

A: DNA Tribes® SNP analysis assesses Native American ancestry at multiple levels. First, your continental
core admixture analysis estimates your percentages of general Native American ancestry. Second, your more
detailed regional cluster admixture analysis estimates your percentages of both Mesoamerican  (indigenous
populations from North, Central, and South America) and Arctic ancestry (Inuit and related populations of North
America).  Finally, your population admixture may include individual Native American populations in our reference

In some cases, Native American ancestry might in part be expressed in smaller percentages of ancestry from
Asian continental zones and regions. In the future, new data might help clarify Native American genetic
relationships further.

Q: Will DNA Tribes® SNP analysis be expanded in the future to include new populations?

A: As new data become available, they will be included in DNA Tribes® SNP analysis. Part of our efforts will include
inviting participation from DNA Tribes® SNP customers to share their grandparent data for anonymous, aggregated
inclusion of their ancestry into our geographical analysis. This will allow us to begin to "fill in" parts of the world for which few samples are available, eventually providing a more complete and detailed picture of local genetic relationships. Our SNP analysis algorithms have last been updated in June of 2016.

Q: How can I qualify for a "grandparent info" discount with my DNA Tribes® SNP analysis?

A: We are currently offering a discount towards DNA Tribes® SNP analysis for customers who submit grandparent birthplace
information (city/region and country/ethnicity) by e-mailing us at for potential anonymous, aggregated
inclusion in our geographical analysis. Your grandparents do not need to be from the same 4 places to qualify for
the discount. If you do not know the birth information for a specific grandparent, enter "Unknown" for that specific grandparent.
You will not qualify for a discount if the origins of more than two of your grandparents are unknown.

For instance, to qualify for the discount, send information to as follows:

    Maternal grandfather (mother's father): Unknown
    Maternal grandmother (mother's mother): Born in Maine, United States in a predominately Irish family
    Paternal grandfather (father's father): Guangdong, China
    Paternal grandmother (father's mother): California, United States
- mixed ethnicity

Notes or comments (optional): Family tradition of Cherokee ancestry on father's side.

DNA Tribes® will treat this grandparent origin information as strictly private, and your responses will not affect
your DNA Tribes® SNP report in any way. However, your grandparent information will be considered for potential
future inclusion in our geographical analysis on a strictly anonymous, aggregated basis. Eventually, this might
allow us to refine our analysis and supplement your results in the future, when sufficient geographical data from
each part of the world are included in our database.

Q: Where can I order my DNA Tribes® SNP analysis?

A: Your DNA Tribes® SNP analysis can be ordered (with or without the Grandparent Info discount) by clicking on the "
Shop" button of our website.


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