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DNA Tribes® SNP Analysis is a geographical "deep ancestry" analysis performed on your genotyped raw data from any of the several SNP microarray tests. Eligible data include raw SNP data from 23andMe©, AncestryDNA™, or Family Tree DNA Family Finder™ tests (not affiliated with DNA Tribes®)*or similar. Only customers with available SNP data can purchase our SNP Analysis

DNA Tribes® SNP reports include:

  • Your admixture percentages for eight continent cores, 53 regional clusters (unique to DNA Tribes®) and 400+ individual populations in our SNP reference database
  • Multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) plots for visualizing your connections to the continent cores, regional clusters and individual populations
  • Total genome fit that compares your DNA to 400+ populations in our SNP reference database
  • Genome grid world map that illustrates the geographical distribution of your ancestral components


Example DNA Tribes® SNP reports (click to open a sample pdf report in a new window):


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